TATOA to open offices in Lubumbashi

Tanzania Truck Owners Association (TATOA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the 14th of December 2015 with Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA); which will see TATOA establishing a desk on TPA premises in Lubumbashi, The Democratic Republic of Congo. The desk will be used by TATOA to serve its members operating in the country and further encourage trade between Tanzania and The Democratic Republic of Congo.

The desk in Lubumbashi seeks to solve several issues that the truck owners have been facing including, immigration issues, border clearance delays, unjustified taxes, and change of policies, procedures and new registrations affecting the transportation industry. The desk will also promote business and act as a link between truck owners and customers in DRC.

The list of Tanzania truck owners will be made available in Lubumbashi for customers to be able to communicate directly with truck owners, removing the use of untrustworthy brokers/agents who normally cheat customers and truck owners, resulting in delays in cargo clearance.

The board of TATOA is calling upon TATOA members and their drivers to utilize the desk to promote businesses and address challenges facing them. TATOA has further plans to open similar offices in Zambia and Rwanda to serve its members and promote trade between Tanzania and those countries.


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