Proper Procedure for De-Registration of Vehicles

The Tanzania Revenue Authority is currently undertaking an exercise of collecting unpaid motor vehicle road license fees for all vehicles that were registered but whose road licence fees have not been paid. This exercise involves also vehicles that are broken down ; those which have been sold but not transferred yet and those which have been grounded or scrapped. Demand notes to the tunes of several millions of shillings are being served. We wish to remind our members that the procedure that has been provided in the law are to cancel these vehicles once they are not in use for one reason or another. Without doing this these vehicles are deemed to be still on the road and applicable fees have to be paid.

We wish to quote here what the law says regarding motor vehicle registration;



# 32

(1) De-registration of motor vehicle may be done upon application made in writing to Registrar by owner

(2) An application for de-registration shall be accompanied by a certificate that the vehicle;

(a) has been scrapped; or

(b) has been destroyed by fire or as a result of accident; or

(c) has been exported and is not likely to be re-imported; or

(d) was lost due to crime; or

(e) there is no longer an obligation to register it

# 34

(1) Upon de-registration, the Registrar shall enter both into the registration card and the register information to that effect

(2) De-registration shall wherever possible be done in the presence of the owner and verified by a Police Officer after which the owner shall return both  the registration card and registration plates to the Registrar to enable him to effect the necessary entries in the register

(3) Where the Registrar de-registers a motor vehicle in respect of which licence has not expired, he shall refund to the owner the balance of money sufficient to cover the period of remaining before the motor vehicle licence expires

(4) The registrar shall maintain the refund account


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  • David Micklem

    January 6, 2017 at 10:23 Reply

    Good morning
    I will be leaving TZ in mid March.
    When we came to TZ we imported our Ford Ranger duty free into the country.
    We now need to deregister this vehicle when we leave as it will not be returning to TZ.
    Please advise

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